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Fragrance and formulation are a fine marriage that go hand-in-hand to accentuate the fine details of an exquisite custom amenity program. All products are manufactured in FDA and EU approved facilities using responsibly sourced, cosmetic grade raw materials. To ensure safety and traceability, all liquids and bar soaps are individually batch coded. We offer a vast array of readily available fragrances including florals, woods, herbs, fruits, crisp & clean, and many more tantalizing scents.
Private Label

Liquid Formulas

Choose between our two signature liquid formulations, Gold and Platinum. Gold is a great formulation for hotels with a specific budget in mind, while Platinum offers all the benefits of Gold with even more luxurious ingredients.
Brand Creation

Soap Bases

Choose between our two signature soap bases, Traditional and Glycerine. Traditional is the most popular formula and provides excellent cleansing properties, while Glycerine has the added benefits of moisturizing glycerine.