Increase Positive Guest Perception - Demonstrate Your Commitment To The Needs Of Your Guests!

It’s a Women’s Health issue, and it’s the right thing to do. Providing quality menstrual products is no different than essential sanitary supplies such as toilet paper and tissues. Your guests will recognize the value of this product, especially in an emergency.

People Helping People Period.

Product List:

  • Regular Pads with Wings (cs/50) ATF-01291
  • Regular Pads with Wings (cs/500) ATF-00125
  • Tampons with Cardboard Applicator (cs/50) ATF-01246
  • Tampons with Cardboard Applicator (cs/500) ATF-00122
  • White Counter Dual-Display Box (cs/1) ATF-00123

Eco-friendly & Transparent Ingredients.

All Aunt Flow menstrual products are made with completely biodegradable, organic cotton and produce roughly 25% less waste compared to leading brands.

The same leading brands are also not required to disclose their ingredients and often contain dyes, synthetics, perfumes, and chemicals!

Aunt Flow also offers wall-mounted dispensers for high traffic public restrooms. Please visit goauntflow.com to learn more.

100% Natural Cotton Biodegradable Tampons + Pads FDA -Approved, No Synthetics, Chemicals or Dyes.

“A leading supplier in the personal care industry since 1972!"