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Signature NATÜRA

Introducing the Signature NATÜRA Bath & Body Collection….Sig|NATÜRA

World Class Charm Meets Modern Sophistication in our new personal care amenities. Sig|Natüra offers modern style from a budget friendly, Eco-Conscious perspective.

Our unique Eco-Efficient Doypack is a resealable, stand-alone pouch that utilizes 65% less plastic than a typical 30 ml bottle. This revolutionary packaging offers several environmental and everyday benefits:

• Reduction in raw materials prevents unnecessary waste while being fully collapsible and recyclable.

• Multiple uses via a tamper-evident attached resealable cap, which guarantees safety and prevents clogged drains.

• Flexible material is easily squeezable and allows for full use of product.

• Formulas are all Paraben free.

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