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Green from NATÜRA

Unveiling the enhanced new look of Green from NATÜRA with its environmental focus, the collection features tubes made with PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) material and EcoPure. EcoPure is an organic additive that accelerates the plastic decomposition process. All tubes and accessories in the program are recyclable. All products are printed with naturally derived, environmentally friendly inks made from soy beans.

The Evo dispenser is a fine complement to the new look with its bottles containing 57% less plastic per ml than the average 30-32 ml bottle. The EVO Dispensing System combines the environmentally responsible advantages of the Green from NATÜRA amenity program and the benefits of dispensers.

Implementing Green from NATÜRA can significantly reduce waste, minimize negative environmental impact, and promote a sustainable future. Guests enjoy a quality amenity program while hoteliers gain valuable recognition and increase positive guest-perception.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency commends RSA for demonstrating commitment to waste reduction by becoming a WasteWise Endorser.

Please visit to learn more about EcoPure.

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