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99sixty – Biodegradable Amenities & Dispensing System

Ecologically responsible formulas
Recycled plastic
100% paraben-free
Minimal packaging waste

Composed primarily of Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material, bottles utilize upcycling to conserve our limited resources. Bottles are recyclable and contain ECM BioFilms’ proprietary bio-additive. With this revolutionary material, all properties can offer an environmentally friendly amenity program, regardless of their recycling policy.

Products have been certified by internationally recognized EU EcoLabel or ECOCERT organizations where appropriate. High quality formulations are 100% paraben-free and will not harm the water system or waste stream.

Vegetable based soaps and accessories are packaged in eco-friendly 70% recycled duplex paper board and printed with soy-based inks, as opposed to conventional petroleum-based inks.

EVO: Evolutionary Dispensing System Dispensing bottles are composed of the same PCR material and ECM BioFilms’ bio-additive as the 99sixty amenity bottles. With conventional dispensers, liquids are commonly refilled by pouring from a bulky container into a partially filled unit. Commingling liquids in this fashion makes them untraceable and creates a liability issue. The EVO dispensing system give you full trackability and peace of mind.

Easy and cost effective to implement, especially when compared to expensive dispensing units that may be labor intensive to install and refill with large messy gallon containers.

Easy to install – each dispenser plate mounts to the wall with 3M double stick industrial strength adhesive tape or screws. The dispensing bottle hangs from an aesthetically pleasing, tamper-proof bracket, which unlocks using a key that attaches to the housekeeper’s keychain.

Improve efficiency of housekeeping – no need to reorganize or replace miniature bottles each night. For easy replacement, simply check the clear liquid level indicator line on either side of the EVO dispensing bottle.

Virtually all of the liquid can be utilized compared to smaller bottles, which are commonly discarded half filled or more. A 385 mL EVO dispensing bottle contains approximately 75 average uses. The EVO Dispensing System combines the environmentally responsible advantages of the 99sixty amenity program and the benefits of the dispensers.

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